I need this…

I woke this morning to the sound of rain. It has been raining almost nonstop since last Friday evening. I have no desire to rise from bed, part the blinds and look outside. It’s November and I know what that brings, darkness to accompany this incessant rain.
I am off from work today, running errands and catching up on my writing in anticipation of a road trip with Kujo to South Bend tomorrow. This is my first scheduled day off since the first week of July. That time span is too large. I need to remain mindful of the importance of taking time for myself.
I am thankful for this because I have been feeling the sadness that accompanies depression settling in. The grip has been tight and unrelenting. Pleasure has been drained steadily over the last two weeks.
I haven’t run more than 10-miles each week since I hit a 30-mile week early in October. Four straight weeks of 70-hour weeks, no sun for the last week, an average of 54 days of sunlight each year, complaining photo customers, my photography website/blog crashed, a very small house and a 23 y.o. daughter who thinks the world revolves around her. I am unsure how or why attorneys and other professionals who work such crazy hours would want their life to be completely taken over by such insanity.
That’s my feeble attempt at whining. I’m going to stop now because I don’t find it becoming and it certainly isn’t helpful. In fact I find it a complete waste of energy.
I’m looking forward to leaving with my son Friday morning and driving to South Bend to watch the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame extend their unbeaten streak.
I am looking forward to the drive…actually my son driving so I can sit in the passenger seat to enjoy a good read, the scenery, my writing and conversation with him. I’m also looking forward to running while I’m in Indiana. My hope is that getting out of this area for a brief while and getting away from all of the crazy responsibilities I have will help recharge my batteries and get me back on track.


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